Profile Image of Tiffany O?Shaughnessy - PhD

Dr. O'Shaughnessy, an Assistant Professor of CSPP Clinical Counseling

Dr. Tiffany O'Shaughnessy Works to Improve Counseling Services for the LGBTQ Community.



Wanyu Chang, PsyD CSPP t Clinical Psychology PhD Student

All three of the 2013 LACPA Convention Poster Award Winners are from the CSPP Clinical Psychology PhD and PsyD programs in Los Angeles. 



Jennifer Konkin

The Leadership Study: Interesting, understandable and practical research from San Diego Organizational Psychology graduate Dr. Jennifer Konkin.




Profile Image of Tara Smallidge

The Industrial and Organizational PhD program at CSPP provided me with the foundation to build a successful and fulfilling career in the United States military.



Jei Africa, 2003 CSPP Graduate

CSPP Graduate, Dr. Jei Africa

Dr. Africa supports CSPP student research in Filipino American Studies with the Jei Africa Dissertation Award.


Faculty Research & Professional Activities

Students at CSPP have access to one of the largest academic communities in the behavioral sciences. Across our programs, faculty are engaged in applied research that improves professional services, influences policy and changes lives. CSPP faculty are active in their respective professions, presenting their research and serving in professional association leadership roles.

This level of engagement provides CSPP students with opportunities to become connected to their professional communities and gain valuable research and presentation experience—co-authoring papers with faculty, presenting posters and serving in leadership roles in student divisions of professional associations.

The scholarship of the CSPP community is extensive, spanning multiple areas of the discipline. Below is a small sample of what CSPP faculty scholars produce—from clinical psychology to couple and family therapy to organizational psychology. This scholarship reflects our institutional values, our commitment to social justice and our passion for advancing the behavioral science professions. We maintain a detailed list of recent scholarship activity on the CSPP Dean’s Blog.


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