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General Information about the Stipend Program


In Nov 2004, California voter approved Prop 63 (now known as the Mental Health Service Act or MHSA) http://prop63.org/.The MHSA has allocated funding to provide stipends to students in MFT programs for three years, 2008-2011. These stipends will develop the public mental health workforce by selecting  MFT’s for service who are both recovery oriented and culturally and linguistically competent, and motivated to serve un/underserved populations.

MFT Stipend Program

On behalf of the South California MFT consortium, the Phillips Graduate Institute is in the last stage of signing a contract with the CA DMH. This contract will bring $1.6 million to MFT trainees in the form of student stipends which are allocated by region in southern California. In the San Diego region, the San Diego MFT Consortium is responsible to the application, selection, and awarding of a minimum of 5 stipends.