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GSPIA is governed by an Executive Board, comprised of the Training Directors from each member organization, a Student Representative, and the GSPIA Administrative Director. The Board meets quarterly, the first Friday of every February, May, August and November. November. When warranted, the Executive Board will convene on a more frequent basis. 

The Board is responsible for reviewing and overseeing all aspects of the Consortium’s efforts, including innovating and monitoring endeavors to ensure responsiveness to the training needs of interns and the mental health needs of the community; reviewing and implementing policies, procedures and practices that assure quality and the continuous quality improvement of training by member agencies; directing the administrative activities of GSPIA and; ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, including APA and APPIC requirements.

From time to time, the Consortium Director may call for a closed door session during the Executive Board meeting, requesting that the Student Representative absent him/herself from the closed door session. The purpose of a closed door session is to provide Consortium Training Directors with the opportunity to consult on specific interns and issues without compromising confidentiality or privacy.  The Board will not cast votes during closed door sessions. 

Consortium Director

The Consortium Director (or GSPIA Program Director) is selected from among the member agency of each consortium Training Directors and serves a two-year term.  The Consortium Director provides overall leadership to the Consortium, and has primary responsibility for oversight and implementation of the training program.  Specifically, the Director:

  • Sets the agenda for and chairs meetings of the GSPIA Executive Board.
  • Calls closed door sessions for the purpose of consultation by and between Training Directors, when requested and appropriate.
  • Calls for a vote on a particular issue before the Board or requests vote postponement pending additional information/feedback.
  • Receives and reviews reports from GSPIA to ensure compliance with Board directives, with organizational policies and procedures, and with applicable regulatory requirements. 
  • Facilitates the adoption of efforts and activities that support quality assurance and continuous quality improvement of GSPIA training activities. Initiates and monitors corrective action plans, as required.
  • Serves as liaison, in concert with GSPIA’s Executive Director, to APA, APPIC and other regulatory agencies.

In addition, the Consortium Director attends and represents GSPIA at all quarterly meetings of the GSPIA Board of Directors.

GSPIA Member Agency Training Directors  

The Training Director at each member agency is responsible for the implementation and administration of  GSPIA’s education and training program at the agency site, and for representing his/her agency on the GSPIA Executive Board.  Specifically, each Training Director is responsible for:

  • Representing his/her Agency at Consortium Board meetings (and/or choosing a designee in the event of absence).
  • Evaluating and voting upon measures before the Board.
  • Establishing Training Principles to which Consortium Agencies adhere.
  • Participating in the appointment of a Consortium Director.
  • Submitting association application and dues to GSPIA.
  • Coordinating the intern selection process for his/her agency.
  • Providing matching information for the selected interns.
  • Providing site-specific information for the training manual.
  • Participating in contract/grant opportunities.
  • Coordinating and facilitating weekly didactic training for the agency’s assigned periods.
  • Orienting interns and distributing stipends.
  • Monitoring intern outcomes.
  • Developing intern Individual Learning Plans and ensuring completion of all appropriate evaluation forms.
  • Providing oversight to and facilitate meetings of the agency’s Primary Supervisors (if different from Training Director), and for evaluating Supervisor performance.
  • Reviewing reports, documents and materials prepared by GSPIA to support quality assurance, continuous quality improvement and/or compliance with APA, APPIC and regulatory agency requirements.

You will be joined on the Executive Board by a Student Representative, who is responsible for supporting timely and accurate bi-directional communication between the GSPIA Board and student interns.  The Student Representative will be selected at the beginning of the internship rotation.  As students often do not have pre-existing relationships prior to the start of internship, the Student Representative position will be accorded to the student who volunteers for this role.  If more than one student volunteers, the Student Representative will be chosen based upon a random selection process from among the volunteers.

The student representative is responsible for: 

  • Ensuring any intern suggestions or concerns related to the quality of the GSPIA internship program are included on the Executive Board agenda for discussion and consideration (such as via e-mail or phone solicitation of agenda items to GSPIA interns approximately two weeks prior to each meeting).
  • Disseminating information related to GSPIA activities to interns (such as via e-mail distribution of Executive Board meeting minutes and/or follow-up phone or e-mail communication on specific issues).

Commitment to Training Model

Each Consortium agency and training supervisor adheres to the following training principles, as established by GSPIAs Executive Board: 

  • Initial caseload assignments are consistent with the intern’s developmental level
  • Intensive supervision of case activity is provided
  • Each student is supported to administrator, score, and interpret myriad assessment instruments.  (Initially, the intern’s administration, scoring, interpretation, and report writing will occur under close supervision by either the primary supervisor or other assigned supervisors.  Once a reasonable level of competency is established, the interns work more independently but continue to be supervised throughout the rotation)
  • Interns act as co-consultants with a supervisor. As competence  increases, interns consult alone
  • Interns are provided time to participate in weekly didactic training and monthly seminars that include case conferences and presentations on clinical and professional issues  
  • Additionally, each site provides regular in-service educational opportunities (available to all interns), and includes interns in administrative meetings, case conferences, and intake conferences.  Meetings where interns share information among themselves or consult with other psychologists in the Consortium are held to offer additional forums for learning and professional development
  • Interns receive at least 2 hours of individual supervision and 2 hours of group supervision per week
  • Interns present journal articles after case presentations, and facilitate discussions that relate the significance of the article to practicing psychologists (Journal articles must be pre-approved by the intern’s supervisor and, have been published in a reputable journal within the last two-years.)