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Central California Psychology Internship Consortium (CCPIC)

The Central California Psychology Internship Consortium is an APA-accredited training program dedicated to offering psychology internships that support future professionals to acquire broad-based clinical skills and competencies that are evidenced-informed/evidenced-based, ethically-sound, and culturally-sensitive. CCPIC realizes this mission via clinical training that focuses upon professionalism; reflective practice and self-care; scientific knowledge and methods; relationships; individual and cultural diversity; ethical and legal standards; interdisciplinary systems; assessment; intervention; consultation; research and evaluation; supervision; and advocacy. Via the supervised provision of individual, group and assessment services, and through collaboration with other professionals, colleagues and disciplines, interns further their knowledge, skills and attitudes, laying a solid foundation for independent practice that advances both the profession and those we serve.

Each of CCPIC’s member agencies – Department of State Hospitals-Coalinga (DHS-C), Porterville Developmental Center (PDC); San Quentin State Prison (SQSP); State Center Community College District, Fresno (SCCCD); Sutter Center for Psychiatry (Sutter); Valley State Prison for Women (VSPW); and the W. Gary Cannon Psychological Service Center (PSC) -- work collectively and collaboratively to realize the following program goals:

  1. To provide high quality training that adheres to the Practitioner-Scholar Model.
  2. To develop practitioners who are generalists, and who can apply knowledge based on various theoretical orientations and a range of evidence-informed and evidence-based psychological interventions.
  3. To develop practitioners who accurately select, administer, score, and interpret multiple psychological assessment tools; who are able to synthesize assessment findings into well-integrated reports; and who are able to use assessment findings in the diagnosis and treatment of patients.
  4. To develop practitioners who combine an awareness of personal and professional strengths and limitations with a commitment to respect and collaborate with others; an openness to new ideas; and a dedication to life-long learning.
  5. To develop practitioners who recognize the importance of diversity and individual differences, and who are aware of the effects of their own cultural and ethnic backgrounds in clinical practice.
  6. To develop practitioners who know and use ethical principles as a guide for professional practice, research, self-evaluation and professional growth.
  7. To develop practitioners who are knowledgeable about one or more models of supervision and consultation and who, in their professional work, are able to make use of and to provide supervision and consultation to different constituencies, e.g., professionals, paraprofessionals, clients.
  8. To develop practitioners who integrate research and theory in clinical practice.

Accreditation Status

CCPIC is fully accredited by the American Psychological Association. For more information on the accreditation process, please visit APA’s website:


APA’s contact information is:
American Psychological Association
750 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002-4242
Commission on Accreditation: 202-336-5979

Application and Selection Process

Site Specific Information

Although each member of CCPIC shares the same training philosophy, goals, and approach to training, and serves a diverse population, each also offers context-specific opportunities and rotations. Additional detail related to each training partner, as well as the specific stipend offered by each site, can be obtained at the links below

Coalinga State Hospital -$ 36,000 Stipend

Valley State Prison for Women - $38,000 Stipend

Porterville Developmental Center - $36,000 Stipend

San Quentin State Prison - $41,352 Stipend

State Center Community College District - $20,000 Stipend

Sutter Center for Psychiatry - $18,000 - $20,000Stipend

W. Gary Cannon Psychological Service Center-PSC - $18,000 Stipend