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Application Procedures

The Golden State Psychology Internship Association (GSPIA) aspires to provide the highest level of training, supporting interns to gain the skills and competencies necessary to serve as professional psychologists. 

The Golden State Psychology Internship Association (GSPIA) subscribes to the Practitioner-Scholar Training Model; emphasis is placed on the development of clinical skills anchored in sound psychological principles and scientific inquiry. This training model is consistent with the mission of Alliant International University which, through the Golden State Psychological Internship Association (GSPIA), provides administrative support to GSPIA. 

GSPIA prepares interns to become competent, ethical, practitioner-scholars by:

  • Assessing and closely monitoring development over the course of the internship year
  • Providing a strong integration of science and practice through ongoing case conferences, professional seminars, and weekly didactic training
  • Providing diversity in clientele, theoretical orientations, and work settings, affording interns the opportunity to practice in a variety of roles and settings

GSPIA interns are encouraged to become life-long learners who engage in ongoing continuing education, scholarship, and professional development. 

The Application Process

Prospective interns must have completed their required coursework, supervised practicum and be in good standing with their psychology training program.  Additionally, prospective candidates must have:

  • 250 hours of assessment experience
  • 800 hours of practicum experience in settings appropriate for a doctoral level psychology intern
  • Acquired practicum experience at two independent sites

Interns from both Ph.D. and Psy.D. programs are encouraged to apply. While interns from APA-accredited programs in Clinical and Counseling Psychology will be given preference, the Consortium will consider applicants from non-APA accredited programs if coursework is equivalent in breadth and depth to APA-accredited programs.

GSPIA is dedicated to providing equal educational opportunities to persons of any age, ethnic background, gender, religion, and sexual orientation. 

Each applicant is required to submit a completed application packet by November 15. The packet must include:

  1. A completed application form (AAPI form available at: http://www.appic.org)
  2. A current curriculum vitae
  3. Official graduate program transcripts
  4. Three letters of recommendation from professionals familiar with the interns’ clinical skills
  5. A letter of readiness from the applicant’s training director.

Upon receipt of an application, GSPIA (the administrative arm of GSPIA) reviews all materials.  If an application is deemed incomplete, GSPIA contacts the prospective intern, providing him/her with an opportunity to submit complete documentation within a set timeframe. An applicant who has submitted a complete packet, and who meets Consortium eligibility. advances to the second stage of the review process, i.e., an evaluation by GSPIA’s Executive Board.

Note: Applicants applying to a State Prison, need to also download and submit a state employment application from the following website: https://forms.spb.ca.gov/employment/signup1.cfm

Intern Selection Process

The GSPIA intern selection process begins with an evaluation of the candidate’s application packet by the Training Director(s) of the agency or agencies to which the intern has applied.  Through this process, the Training Director(s) rates each application based upon criteria including:

  • Information contained in the application packet
  • The hours and type of assessment experience
  • The hours and type of direct client service experience
  • Breadth of experience in treating diverse populations
  • Breadth of experience in treating populations similar to those served by the Consortium agency to which the applicant applies
  • Perceived level of interest in the Consortium agency to which the applicant applies

Applicants eliminated from consideration during the initial evaluation will be notified in accordance with APPIC policies.

Candidates who pass the initial evaluation will be invited to an in-person interview with a Consortium Agency Training Director.  Under special circumstances, a telephone interview may be permitted.

An additional rating is assigned to each candidate based upon his/her interview. In accordance with APPIC guidelines, each prospective intern will be assigned a “rank,” reflective of the average of ratings from the initial evaluation and the interview.  Additionally, Training Directors follow the guidelines outlined in “Interviewing Applicants with Disabilities for Doctoral and Postdoctoral Internship Positions,” published by the Disability Issues Officer of the American Psychological Association.

Once an intern is matched to a Consortium agency, he/she will be notified by the AAPIC matching service.  Within 72 hours thereafter, the intern will receive an official follow-up letter from the Consortium agency with which he/she has been placed.

GSPIA participates in the AAPIC Clearinghouse Program. If a GSPIA internship position goes unfilled following the first round of matches, the position is submitted to the clearinghouse of unmatched applicants. The clearinghouse process begins at 11:00 Eastern Standard Time on APPIC Match Day. GSPIA fills positions with clearinghouse applicants, if applicable, as soon as possible.  GSPIA will extend a verbal or written acceptance to the applicant; the acceptance serves as a binding agreement between the Consortium agency and the applicant.

The GSPIA internship begins on the last Friday in July with a luncheon that serves as an orientation for incoming interns and a farewell to the outgoing interns.

The internship is a full-time, one-year program. Interns can take up to four weeks leave, including time for illness, requirements for internship placement by the internship starting date.

One packet must submitted for each agency within each consortium to which the intern is applying.