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Fresno Area Community Services & Placements

Gain Clinical Skills, Meet Critical Needs 

Direct service to the community is an important component of every graduate student's learning experience at the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP). Students in the clinical psychology doctoral programs at the Fresno campus have exceptional opportunities to gain practical skills as they provide crucial services to under-served populations at the W. Gary Cannon Psychological Services Center and through internships facilitated by the many community and mental health agencies that are members of the Golden State Psychology Internship Association (GSPIA).

W. Gary Cannon Psychological Service Center (PSC)

The W. Gary Cannon Psychological Service Center (PSC) of Fresno is a mental health agency operated by Alliant International University. It is an outpatient community clinic, providing a wide range of mental health services in the Central Valley, including services for underserved populations. Clinical services are provided by practicum students and interns under the supervision of licensed clinical faculty, and all treatment modalities foster sensitivity to ethnicity, class, race, gender and sexual orientation. 

All PsyD students, the majority of PhD students in the Clinical Psychology programs and the majority of California School of Forensic Studies students in Fresno spend some portion of their practicum experience within the PSC. In addition, students receive professional training at other sites in the local area and, in their final year, at internship placements around the United States. 

Golden State Psychology Internship Association

The Golden State Psychology Internship Association (GSPIA), formerly known as Central California Psychology Internship Consortium Association (CCPICA), was founded by CSPP in 1996 and consists of four internship consortia throughout California. Each region operates as a separate consortium ranging from three to nine member agencies per consortium. 

GSPIA internships provide a broad range of clinical experiences with clients differing in age, diagnoses, and cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Interns also use an array of assessment and intervention procedures and work with multi-disciplinary teams. The internships facilitate an environment that will expand the interns’ awareness and understanding of their strengths and limitations while fostering personal growth, responsibility and autonomy in providing psychological services.