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CSPP Consulting Services

Center for Innovation and Change

Professionals in every occupation complain that they never learned practical skills in grad school. Not graduates of CSPP. In Los Angeles, CSPP sponsors the Center for Innovation and Change (CIC) so that students graduate with practical experience that puts them head and shoulders above graduates of other programs. The CIC provides pro-bono and low-cost consulting services to respected organizations in the LA area, including Disney, the City of Hope National Medical Center, Goodwill Industries, and the City of Pasadena.

CIC project teams are staffed and led by students and faculty. The CIC allows students to begin honing their consulting skills at a very early stage of their graduate careers. Participation in CIC projects is not required, but is recommended for students with no previous professional experience.

For more information on the CIC, contact Dr. Jonathan Troper, CIC Director.

Organizational Consulting Centers

Our Organizational Consulting Centers (OCC) at the San Francisco and San Diego campuses function as small business units within CSPP. They offer consulting services to businesses and organizations in the private and not for profit sectors and draw upon the expertise and interests of our faculty and students.

Most of the OCCs' client projects deal with issues of performance effectiveness and efficiency of individuals, departments, and entire organizations. Students who are selected to assist with such projects will gain hands-on experience working closely with a faculty member or one of our local consultant affiliates in performing work such as restructuring organizations, team building, culture realignment, leadership development, or coaching services. The type and number of projects vary from year to year and by campus because they depend on the initiative, creativity, personal contacts, and available time of students and faculty who enjoy these types of challenges.

For more information on the San Diego Organizational Consulting Center.

For more information on the San Francisco Organizational Consulting Center, contact Dr. Rebecca Turner, San Francisco Program Director.