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"We have amazing faculty and staff here at Alliant and CSFS. A lot of them have other practices, that are in their actual field and then they come and bring their experiences to us in the classroom."

Sharday Summers - Clinical Forensic Psychology PsyD Student

Sacramento Campus



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Professor Kyle Boone Releases New Book, Clinical Practice of Forensic Neuropsychology

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Research and Scholarship

During their years of study at CSFS, students are supported to explore research that will advance the fields of criminology and forensics. Research opportunities are offered by individual faculty members based on their area of expertise.

Faculty-student Research

The faculty of CSFS are experts in a variety of forensic topics and students are able to be a part of faculty research, as well as conduct their own. Our faculty and students often present research findings at industry conferences and submit research findings to prominent peer-reviewed journals in the field.

 Examples of faculty-student research areas include:

  • Developing training aimed at preventing sexual misconduct in schools
  • Response bias in test measures
  • Validation of tests for police applicants
  • Female sex offenders
  • The relationship of juvenile attitudes to guns and violence
  • Juvenile sex offenders
  • Developing and validating measures of response bias to identify feigned cognitive, physical, and psychiatric symptoms