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 Doctorate in Business Administration

The Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program at Alliant’s School of Management is designed to provide a multidisciplinary and global perspective for managers and to emphasize the use of both practical and theoretical abilities. The program encourages the assimilation of ideas from business administration, the humanities and the behavioral sciences. The DBA program prepares students for advanced positions in management or consulting, or entry into teaching and research. The degree consists of 60 units, of which 18 units are concentration courses.

Three Key Features

This program:

  • Encourages the assimilation of ideas from business administration, the humanities and the behavioral sciences
  • Emphasizes discovery of new knowledge through academic rigor and scholarship
  • Prepares students to teach in management and business schools around the world

Three Cutting-Edge Concentrations

The DBA at Alliant School of Management offers a unique opportunity for specialization in a chosen field with three concentration tracks: Finance, Marketing or Strategic Management.


The globally focused finance specialization trains DBA candidates to construct financial models and use statistical methods and econometric tools to conduct advanced empirical research in finance. DBA candidates are also trained to develop mastery over financial theory and practice through rigorous coursework that provides leading edge knowledge for careers in academia and high-level decision making positions in financial institutions, business firms and government organizations.


The DBA concentration in Marketing trains doctoral candidates for high-level marketing management, research and consulting positions, as well as academic marketing faculty positions. The curriculum covers international applications of theoretical and experiential marketing models in all types of business firms and organizations, application of marketing models to similar consumer and business segments cross-culturally, exploration of potential similarities in culturally diverse populations, integration of multi-disciplinary social science approaches to the applied technologies in marketing, and research into emerging and evolving marketing theories and technologies.

Strategic Management

Our Doctoral Program in Strategic Management has national and international recognition thanks to Distinguished Professor H.Igor Ansoff. The late Dr. Ansoff, known worldwide as the "Father of Strategic Management" was the founder of the strategic management program at Alliant where he taught for 17 years. The unique program focuses on success behaviors and analytic processes, which optimize performance of organizations and business firms. The program also focuses on understanding and predicting successful behaviors in the changing and turbulent business environments.

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