CSF Professor Dr. Klye Boone, of the Los Angeles campus, had four articles published in the Clinical Neuropsychologist.

Dr. Klye Boone, Professor at the CSF Los Angeles campus, recently had four articles published in the Clinical Neuropsychologist, the journal of the American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology. They are:

1) Dean, A. C., Victor, T. L., Boone, K. B., & Arnold, G. (2008). "The relationship of IQ to effort test performance." The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 22, 705-722.

2) Dean, A. C., Boone, K. B., Kim, M. S., Curiel, A. R., Martin, D. J., Victor, T. L., Zeller, A., Lang, Y. K. (2008). "Examination of the impact of ethnicity on the MMPI-2 Fake Bad Scale," The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 22, 1054-1060.

3) Dean, A. C., Victor, T., Boone, K. B., Philpott, L., & Hess, R. (2009). "Dementia and effort test performance," The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 23, 133-152.

4) Victor, T., Boone, K B., Serpa, G., Beuhler, J., & Ziegler, E. A. (2008). "Interpreting the meaning of multiple effort test failure," The Clinical Neuropsychologist.