Alliant University and EcoDynamics LLC form Unique Partnership

San Diego, CA: EcoDynamics, LLC has selected Alliant International University to be its primary educational partner in global projects involving renewable energy production, environmental conservation and sustainable business development. Alliant's President, Geoffrey M. Cox and EcoDynamics Executive Vice President Glenn L. Barroga signed a Memorandum of Understanding on April 13.

EcoDynamics is developing several international projects combining alternative energy production with resource recovery and conservation. The first proposed project will focus on one of California's most serious environmental problems, the polluted New River in California's Imperial Valley that flows from Mexico into the Salton Sea. EcoDynamics' integrated proposal will involve water purification processes, waste-to-energy production, the development of bio-fuel agricultural areas and the restoration of the Salton Sea. Other projects in several countries are also in the planning stages.

Alliant's Marshall Goldsmith School of Management is home to a variety of degree offerings in the fields of business and international relations, including the Bright Green MBA program, which provides students interested in "green" business enterprise with management and entrepreneurial skills. Alliant students will work as interns in EcoDynamics projects, providing them with real-world project management experience in a broad range of areas related to sustainability and conservation. As part of each of its projects, EcoDynamics will create an Alliant International University Sustainability Center that will house research, educational and outreach activities related to energy production, resource management, sustainable development and conservation. These Centers will provide further opportunities for Alliant's faculty and students to participate in research, planning, and educating the public about these topics.

Alliant's participation will also include the World Council on Curriculum and Instruction, a U.N.-sponsored non-government organization dedicated to promoting international collaboration in peace education and stewardship of global resources. WCCI is based at Alliant's San Diego campus.

"We are very pleased to be part of EcoDynamics' ambitious efforts to bring comprehensive solutions to communities suffering from environmental degradation," said

Alliant's President Cox. "These projects involve technical, social and political challenges that require broad, integrated solutions, not piecemeal ones. EcoDynamics has ambitious plans that will provide unparalleled opportunities for our students to gain cutting edge, real-world experience in these important areas."

EcoDynamics Executive Vice President Barroga said. "Alliant is a perfect partner for us in this work. Their innovative work in sustainable management and their focus on social change complements the work of our technical and scientific partners."

About Alliant
Alliant International University is a not-for-profit, accredited institution of higher education with campuses in six California cities and three international cities. The mission of Alliant is to prepare students for professional careers of service and leadership, and to promote the discovery and application of knowledge to improve the lives of people in diverse communities around the world.Alliant was formed in 2001 by the merger of two older institutions, the California School of Professional Psychology and United States International University. Alliant and its legacy institutions have been pioneers in fields such as clinical psychology, international and multicultural education, teacher education and sustainable management. Alliant has approximately 4,000 students and more than 200 full-time faculty members. For further information contact the Office of the President at 415/955-2001 or

About EcoDynamics, LLC
RSEI EcoDynamics International LLC was formed in 2006. The company was formed by Verne Nobles, Sr. in association with Rainshadows Entertainment, Inc., a California Corporation, to develop solutions to the global need for alternative fuels derived from agriculture and forestry feedstock, as well as to advance the technology available to deliver viable solutions to deal with serious worldwide waste and water purification problems. The business objective of EcoDynamics is to establish integrated plants for water purification and renewable energy through agricultural, forestry and waste conversion to biofuels and electrical power, creating economic, environmental and community benefits. For further information contact Glenn L. Barroga, Executive Vice President at 858 349 2428 or