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California School of Professional Psychology

Organizational Psych

San Francisco Beach St Campus



Alliant International University San Francisco
One Beach Street, Suite 100
San Francisco CA 94133-1221


Courses, Research Interests, Publications

Ethical and Legal Issues in Organizational Studies: Dilemmas of Practice and Research


Mergers, Acquisitions, and Organizational Change.

Research Seminar: Organizational Health and Leadership

The Art of Change

Organizational Ethics and Social Responsibility

Personal and Professional Development

Executive Coaching

Consulting Skills: Systemwide Interventions

Consulting Skills: Individual and Group Interventions

Developing healthy organizations, including strategic change, organizational consulting, executive development and leadership, organizational ethics and social responsibility. Research and practice related to Tibetan Buddhism and transformational change, mindfulness and other awareness practices in leadership development, somatic foundations of organizational learning.

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Goldman Schuyler, K, Monger, M., Peregoy, R., & Sugarman, P. (2011). Bringing ethics to life - Dilemmas in the ethics of practice and research. Convener and presenter. Panel Symposium presented at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting, San Antonio.

Goldman Schuyler, K., Lynn, W., & Sanford, C. (2011). Consciousness and responsibility: The inextricable connection in business. Professional Development Workshop presented at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting, San Antonio.

Provided individual coaching for roughly 200 managers and executives, moving through a structured process of development involving 360 degree feedback, psychological inventories, interviews with their supervisor, peers and direct reports, and the preparation of development plans.

Coached technical and scientific experts to improve their ability to work effectively across organizational boundaries and become business leaders.

Consulted to executive teams about strategic change, executive planning, and development issues.

Somatic awareness coaching for personal and organizational change, using the Feldenkrais Method.

Organizational development consulting supported the redesign of key business processes, including performance management and product development.

Designed and led large events for businesses, universities, and other organizations with purposes as varied as strategic planning, change implementation, and individual motivation.

Academic History and Background

PhD, Columbia University, 1979

Guild-Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and Assistant Trainer

Certified Clinical Sociologist

American Sociological Association

International Leadership Association

Academy of Management

Feldenkrais Guild of North America

Professional Practice and Community Service

Co-Chair, Practice Theme Committee, Academy of Management, 2013-2016

Co-Chair for Professional Development Workshops, Practice Theme Committee, Academy of Management, 2011-2013

Member of the Executive Committee and Newsletter Editor, Management Spirituality and Religion SIG, Academy of Management, 2009-2013

Member of the Board of Trustees, Alliant International University, 2005-2011

Member of the Board of Directors, Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology, 2005-2008

Board member, Society for Applied Sociology, 2003-2005

Chair-Elect, Chair, Past-Chair, Section for Sociological Practice & Public Sociology, American Sociological Association, 2006-2009; Editor of the Section Newsletter, 2002-2007, 2002-2009

Certified Professional Ski Instructor