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Personal Information

Shirley Hufstedler School of Education


San Diego Campus



Alliant International University San Diego
10455 Pomerado Road
San Diego CA 92131


Courses, Research Interests, Publications

CCS 8500 Cross Cultural Competency Assessment Practicum: Field Project

CCS 8820 Educational Psychology: Cross Cultural Identity Explorations

CCS 8210 Foundations in Multicultural and Global Education

CCS 7060 Womanist Theory

TES 8480 Seminar: Current Topics in TESOL
Cross-Cultural Studies Courses

Master Level

TES 8460 Sociolinguistics

TES 7420 Principles of Linguistics

TES 8451 Culture, Social and Political Issues of Second Language Teaching

TES 8445 TESOL Field Research Project

TES 8420 Research in Second Language Acquisition and Applied Linguistics

TES 8410 TESOL Theory and Methodology

TES 7490 TESOL Practicum/Project
Doctoral Level

TES 7485 Research Methods and Seminar

TES 7450 Introduction to Psycholinguistics and Sociolinguistics

TES 7040 Development of Cross-cultural Competencies

TES 7430 Techniques of Teaching Reading and Writing to Second Language Learners

Sociolinguistics; teacher training in TESOL

Brock-Utne, B. & Alidou, H. (2005). Active students - learning through a language they master. In UNESCO (Ed.) (2005). Optimizing Learning and Education in Africa: The Language Factor. ADEA/UIE/GTZ: Stocktaking Research on Mother Tongue- (MT) and Bilingual Education (BLE) in Africa. Hamburg: UNESCO Institute for Education (UIE)

Alidou, H. and Brock-Utne, B. (2005). Teaching Practices - Teaching in a Familiar Language. In UNESCO (Ed.) (2005). Optimizing Learning and Education in Africa: The Language Factor. ADEA/UIE/GTZ: Stocktaking Research on Mother Tongue- (MT) and Bilingual Education (BLE) in Africa. Hamburg: UNESCO Institute for Education (UIE)

Alidou, H., Galdames, V. & Jung, I. & Buttner T. (2004). L'#COLE VIVANTE: enseigner la langue maternelle dans un programme d'e'ducation bilingue. inwent KfW, Ets Daouda. (See the table of contents)

Alidou, H. (2003). The Medium of Instruction in Sub-Saharan Africa. In Tollefson, J. W. and Tsui, A. B. M. (Eds.). Medium of Instruction Policies: Which Agenda? Whose Agenda? Mahwah: Lawrence Earlbaum Associates. Pp. 195-214.

Alidou, H. and Garba, M. (2003). Evaluation et Enseignements des Expe'riences d'Utilisation des Langues Africaines comme Langues d'Enseignement. Background paper for the preparation of the bi-annual conference on African education held at the Mauritius Island. Paris: Association pour le De'veloppement de l'Education en Afrique (ADEA).

Alidou, H., Larke, P. and Carter, N. (2002). Sharing the Pain: Cultural Wars, Policies and Politics in Teaching Multicultural Education Courses in Predominantly White Universities. In Patricia Larke and Norvella Carter (Eds.) Examining Practices in Multicultural Education. College Station, TX: Joy Publishing.Pp. 31-44.

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Alidou, H. and Jung, I. (2002). Education Language Policies in Francophone Africa: What have we learnt from field Experiences? In Baker, S. (Ed.). Language Policy: Lessons From Global Models. Monterey, California: Monterey Institute for International Studies. Pp.59-74

Alidou-Ngame, H. (2000). Strate'gies pour le de'veloppement dun secteur e'ditorial en langues nationales dans les pays du Sahel Burkina Aso, Mali Niger et Se'ne'gal. London: Groupe de Travail sur les Livres et le Mate'riel Educatif. Perspectives sur le de'veloppement du livre africain. London: Working Group on Books and Learning Materials of the Association for the Development of Education in Africa.

Alidou, H. (2000). Preparing Teachers for the Education of New Immigrant Students from Africa. Action in Teacher Education, Vol. 23 (2a), (pp101-107).

Alidou, Hassana (1997). Language Education Policy and Bilingualism: The Impact of French Language Policy in Primary Education in Niger. Ph.D. Thesis (Unpublished). University of Illinois, Department of Linguistics. Champaign-Urbana.

Alidou, H. & Wolff, E. (1989). Desegmentalization and Tone in Tubu: "Definite" Marking in the Daza Dialect of Tasker (Niger). Journal of West African Languages Vol. 19:67-73.

Academic History and Background

PhD, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 1997, 1997

Professional Practice and Community Service

November 2004-present Research Consultant Stock-taking Research Project on bi/multilingual and mother tongue education in Africa UNESCO Institute for Education Hamburg, Germany, 2004

2002- Present: Associate Professor, International Teacher Education Coordinator, TESOL Doctorate Program (San Diego)Graduate School of Education Alliant International University San Diego, California., 2002

2002-2003 Research Consultant Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA) Paris, FranceEvaluation of Mother tongue education projects in Africa (background paper) in Preparation of the 2003 Minister of Education Conference., 2002

2000-2001 Research Consultant Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA) Paris, France Wrote the synthesis of the studies on the development of a publishing sector in national languages in Africa., 2000-2001

2000-2003 Senior Consultant and academic Director The German Foundation for International Development, UNICEF and Burkina Faso Ministry of Education Bilingual Education and Literacy and Reading Project., 2000-2003

1999-2000 Consultant-lecturer Refresher Course for The World Bank Education Specialists Institute of Development Studies, Sussex University Brighton, United Kingdom., 1999-2000

1998 - 2002: Assistant Professor, ESL, International Multicutural Education Coordinator ESL and International Education Department of Teaching, Learning and Culture College of Education, Texas A&ampM University College Station, Texas., 1998-2002

1996-1997 Senior Education and Literacy Consultant The Dutch Development Agency SNV-Niger Niamey, Niger., 1996-1997

1994-2000 Senior Consultant and Coordinator The German Foundation for International Development Basic Education Project in Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso., 1994-2000

1993-1994 Lecturer Department of Linguistics Universite' de Niamey, Niger International Education and International Development, 1993-1994

1992 - 1994 Teaching and Research Assistant Department of Linguistics University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Urbana-Champaign, Illinois., 1992-1994