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California School of Forensic Studies

Forensic Psychology

San Diego Campus

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

Alliant International University Irvine
2855 Michelle Drive, Suite 300
Irvine CA 92606


Courses, Research Interests, Publications

Detecting deception, psychological safety of undercover police officers, the assessment and treatment of sex offenders, and domestic violence.

Blandon-Girlin, I., Pezdek, K., Rogers, M. & Brodie, L. (2005). Detecting Deception in Children: an Experimental Study of the Effect of Event Familiarity on CBCA Ratings, Law & Human Behavior, 29, 187-197.

Pezdek, K., Morrow, A., Blandon-Gitlin, I, Goodman, G, Quas, J, Saywitz, K, Kidsrose, S, Pipe,M, Rogers, M & Brodie, L. (2004) Detecting Deception in Children: Event Familiarity AffectsCriterion- Based Content Analysis Ratings, Journal of Applied Psychology, 89, 119-12.

Making Judgments Regarding Child Sexual Abuse: The Impact of Professional Background, Experience and Knowledge Base. Laura A. Brodie, M.A. Dissertation Committee: David Raskin, Ph.D., University of Utah; Martha L. Rogers, PhD., John Kelley, Ph.D.

Academic History and Background

BA, Psychology, Baylor University, 1986

MA, Psychology, Biola University, 1989

PhD, Psychology, Biola University, 1993

Member Society of Personality Assessment, 2010-Present

Member Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, 2010-Present

Member Juvenile Panel of Psychological Evaluators, Orange County Municipal and Superior Courts, 2001-Present

Member Criminal Panel of Psychological Evaluators, San Bernardino County Municipal and Superior Courts, 1999-Present

Honorary Member of International Association of Undercover Officers (IAUO), 1998-Present

Member Orange County Family Law Court Panel, 1997-2009