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Alliant International University San Francisco
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San Francisco CA 94133-1221


Courses, Research Interests, Publications

Supervision, Consultation across Multicultural Contexts, Multicultural Mixed Method Research, Psychometrics and Research Methods

International and multicultural psychology; Intercultural competency development; supervision and consultancy; multicultural career development; culturally relevant research design; achievement motivation in child and adult creativity

Mentoring experiences of Latina graduate students. Garcia, I. O. and Henderson, S. J. (in review).

Validation of assessment vignettes & scoring rubric of multicultural/int'l competency in faculty teaching. Horton, R. A., Henderson, S. J., Saito, P. K., and Shorter-Gooden, K. (in review).

Lived experiences of adolescents with learning disabilities. Rosetti, C. W. and Henderson, S. J. (in press). The Qualitative Report.

Risk factors of Disordered Eating among Korean American Women: Racial and Weight Teasing. Yoo, J. S., and Henderson, S. J. (in review).

Treating Inhalant Abuse in Adolescence: A Recorded Music Expressive Arts Intervention. Oklan, A. M. and Henderson, S. J. (In review).

Fostering inventiveness in children. * Henderson, S.J. and Moore, R.K. (April 2013). Printed by Creative Space.

Award winners and their stories: 2012 Division 52 Student International Research Award. Shannon, T. and Henderson, S. J. (2012). International Psychology Bulletin, 16(4), 18-21.

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Qualitative study of current and prospective student perceptions of a university web site. Henderson, S. J. and Coloma, J. (2011, Summer). Academic Leadership J, 9(3).

Five Tips on Microaggressions: The more likely "ism" of today. Henderson, S. J. (Jun 2010). Counseling Today, 52-53.

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Make a Difference Day: An opportunity to increase community engagement all year 'round. Henderson, S. J. (Jan, 2010). NADOHE Newsletter.

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Yoo, J. S. and Henderson, S. J. (2013). Predictive factors in young Korean American psychological well-being. Poster presented at AAPA Convention, Washington, D.C.

See, M. and Henderson, S. J. (2013). Positive and Protective Factors in the Psychological Well-Being of Refugees from Burma during Post-Migration. Poster for Division 52, APA Convention, Washington, D.C.

Collaborating to Achieve Intercultural Competence: Building Relationships between Diversity and Internationalization. Henderson, S. J. (2013). Presenter with Davis, G., Brown, D., and Bookman, G. National Conference on Race and Ethnicity. New Orleans, LA.

Treating Inhalant Abuse in Adolescence: A Recorded Music Expressive Arts Intervention. Oklan, A. M. and Henderson, S. J. (2013). Poster presentation at APA Convention. Washington, D.C.

Latina/o students in higher education: Support for their success. Henderson, S. J. (2013). Presenter with Llamas, J., Garca, I. O., Cerezo, A., and Sam, T. S. Division 17, SERD Symposium at American Psychological Assoc. Convention, Honolulu, HI.

Yam, J. and Henderson, S. J. (2013). Evaluation of attachment patterns among Chinese, Cambodian, and European-Americans using the ECR-R scale. Poster presented at Society for Ethnic and Racial Diversity (SERD). American Psychological Assoc. Convention, Washington, D.C.

Is internationalism the new multiculturalism? Implications for Training Professional Psychologists. Henderson, S. J. (2011). Presenter with Shorter-Gooden, K., Tanaka, Y., Platt, J., and Ensari, N. National Multicultural Conference and Summit.

Yam, J. and Henderson, S. J. (2011). Parent and romantic partner attachment styles among Cambodian-Americans. Poster presented at Asian American Psychological Assoc. Convention, Washington, D.C. (Also presented at 2011 Division 17, Prevention Section, American Psychological Assoc. Convention, Washington, D.C.)

Yoo, J. S. and Henderson, S. J. (2011). Risk factors of disordered eating among Korean American women: Racial and weight teasing. Poster presented at AAPA Convention, Washington, D.C. Won the Alice F. Chang Student Scholar Award.

Building multicultural competency: Training for interns. Henderson, S. J. (Annual workshop 2010-present). Counseling and Psychological Services, University Health Services, U of California, Berkeley

Not so tall tales: Vignettes assessing multicultural teaching competency. Horton, R., Henderson, S. J., and Shorter-Gooden, K. (2010). Poster presented at American Psychological Assoc. Convention. San Diego, CA

History of prominent psychologists of color: Portraits of resilience and contribution. Henderson, S. J., (2010). Presenter with Pickren, W., and Oh, C. The Diversity Challenge Conference: Institute for the Study and Promotion of Race and Culture.

Internationalizing multiculturalism: International and multicultural transformations. Henderson, S. J. (2009). Presenter with Porter, N, Adams, D., Chupina, A., and Sammons, M. Western Psychological Association Convention, Seattle, CA.

Coloma, J. A. and Henderson, S. J. (2009). A multicultural and international mixed-method study of a university website: Rating and content analysis of websites and print materials. Poster presented at Western Psychological Assoc., Seattle, WA.

Gender, Success, and Achievement as Possible Predictors of Role Identity in Inventors. Joe, J. T., Henderson, S. J., and Saito, P. (2009). Poster presented at National Career Development Conference, St. Louis, MO. (Also presented at 2009 Western Psychological Association, Seattle, WA.)

Hans Sauer Award Speech: Whole person approach to understanding the inventor's creative achievement. Henderson, S. J. (2008). Hans Sauer Foundation. Berlin, Germany.

New directions in inventor research. Workshop on inventors. Henderson, S. J. (2008). U of Humboldt, Berlin Germany.

Identity development in African American women: Sankofa as a learning tool for non-African American graduate psychology students. Henderson, S. J., Mottley, C., Gosk, J. A., Karki, J., Mudarri, J., and Giffrow, H. (2008). Poster presented at California Psychological Assoc. Convention. Anaheim, CA. (Also presented at APAGS and Div 35, Section 1: Society for Black Women. Poster presented at 2007 American Psychological Assoc. Convention. San Francisco, CA.)

Interviewing inventors about emotion. Henderson, S. J. (2007). Smithsonian Institution. Workshop on oral history. Washington D. C.

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Best practices in multicultural competency training. Henderson, S. J. (2005). Chaired panel with White, J. L., and Jaffer, S. American Psychological Assoc. Convention.

"The browning of America": Building a new multicultural, multiethnic paradigm. Henderson, S. J. (2004). Discussant with White, J. L., and Jaffer, S. Winter Roundtable. Teachers College, Columbia U.

Fostering inventiveness in children? Recollections of childhood experiences by adult inventors. Henderson, S. J. (2003). Poster presented at Positive Psychology Summit. Washington D.C.

Academic History and Background

Stanford University., School of Education, Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, 2002

Simmons College, BA, Economics, 1982

U of Chicago, MBA, 1989

Santa Clara University, MA, Counseling, 1998

Recognized Health Service Provider in Psychology by the National Register

PSY20232, California Counseling Psychologist

APA, Div 17 Presidential Certificate of Appreciation, 2007

Hans Sauer Award and Prize from Germany for research on psychology of inventors, 2008

Positive Psychology Summit Travel Award, 2002, 2003

American Psychological Association

Social Psychology Network

Professional Practice and Community Service

Treasurer, Society for Ethnic and Racial Diversity, American Psychological Association, Division 17, 2010-Present

Special Task Group-Passing the Baton, Division 17, American Psychological Association, 2007

Editorial Board, The Qualitative Report, 2013-Present

Reviewer, APA, Div 17 convention poster & symposium proposals, 2009-Present

Editorial Board, J of Career Development, 2008-2012

Reviewer, Society for Ethnic & Racial Diversity (APA), student poster proposals, 2005-2011

Established Student Resiliency Award for alma matter, Simmons College, 2011-Present

Women's Achievement Network and Development Alliance, 2012-present

Bio and Links

Sheila J. Henderson, MBA, Ph.D., a licensed Counseling Psychologist, with experience in business, education, and in counseling psychology. Dr. Henderson’s consulting experience has spanned health care, education and business. Her work in economics and health care has involved new business development for the Boston area, cost-benefit analysis of new health care centers in Mexico City, Mexico, design of cultural competency in a community health system in Minnesota, and multidisciplinary wellness approach to health care in the SF Bay area. Her 14-year tenure at Hewlett Packard has included analysis of financial performance, IT system conversions, finance management, as well as coaching on culture transition, division restructure, team dynamics, and business process improvement.
In psychology, she has held clinical positions in hospitals, medical clinics, elementary and middle schools, and university counseling centers. The combination of her business experience and knowledge of psychology has allowed her to contribute to the community as a career mentor and coach. Her academic research and clinical interests include multicultural, vocational, and positive psychology as well as creativity. Her innovations in psychology have been in the areas of career happiness, psychology of inventors, and multicultural/international competency development and training.